What is rilyf?

Simply put, rilyf is Uber for Nail Care. It’s a marketplace and community where customers and nail technicians find the happy arrangement that works better for both sides.
How people get their nails done hasn’t changed much. Sure, how people now book has changed; however, how people receive the service hasn’t. Customers still have to book in advance or take the chance of standing in line if they walk in. Customers have to drive through traffic and find parking to make their appointment. And they often don’t have any idea of the expertise or the level of artistry of the nail technicians who are servicing them. They have very limited ways of — and even less time for — finding the right person to work on their nails. In fact, customers have to find time from their already full schedules to get their nails done.
On the other side of the equation, nail technicians don’t get to choose the clients they’re best suited for or which they prefer. They don’t control their time, and have no way of boosting income during slow times. While the traditional owner-technician split is acceptable, prices for nail services have gone down over the last few years, meaning nail pros are still earning less. They’re passionately and continuously honing their craft but have no time or expertise (beyond Instagram) to promote themselves to customers in their area. This is especially true for the younger generations of nail technicians.
rilyf is about leveraging technology and reimagining traditional processes to create something that helps people find relief. It’s about showing love to people who love what they do. And showing love to people who love getting their nails done by the pro they selected at the time and place that best fits their schedule.
rilyf is being developed to bring relief to customers and nail technicians, to address market inefficiencies, and to help bring the nail care industry to the 21st century. rilyf envisions becoming the definitive On-Demand Nail Care app.
We’re currently inviting nail technicians (in the US first) to register at signup.rilyf.com for free to receive their rilyf app launch invite. If you’re not a nail technician, but you’re interested in coming along on our journey, please follow us here on our social media accounts.

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